We are Consigners by the old English definition...
consignment | kənˈsīnm(ə)nt | noun
a batch of goods destined for or delivered to someone.
consign | kənˈsīn | verb [with object]
deliver (something) to a person's custody, typically in order for it to be sold.
som·me·lier | ˌsəməlˈyā | noun
a wine steward, which means someone who looks after wine.


It’s all in the family. WineConsigners is an online representation of the wines we passionately preserve.

Every bottle in our collection belongs to us!

Despite our name we take very few consignments - mostly from known collectors and collections if we do - due to safety measures in establishing provenance and verification.  

When customers and collectors alike, solicit to sell one or two bottles, we will always advise they drink and enjoy it instead! Then we'll refer to Vivino or eBay.


We are purely e-commerce.

Since the very beginning, we elected not to host a storefront.  WineConsigners runs out of our temperature controlled wine warehouse in Southern California. Our facility is not authorized for pickups. We have specific services designated for locals so please, get in touch about your options.

If you’re shipping Internationally, please review our Policies & Terms...

We ship wine with confidence.

We are proud of the way we pack. The attention to detail we take in making sure your treasure arrives in your hands swiftly and safely, is our number one priority.

Upon placing your Order, we will get in touch within the next business day. If you have not been contacted by us, you can trust your wine has not left our cellar yet. We always text images first, and then construct a shipping plan with you directly -- to ensure someone ages 21+ will be available to sign for the delivery.

Look out for e-mail notifications from the courier, as your wines scan through transit!

We always insure your packages and we are available to help facilitate with the couriers, in case there are delays.

We help see it through.

Once the wine is in your hands, we are committed to the follow through! Wine preparations are as integral to the wine experience as enjoying the wine itself. 

Opening wine is simple but not always smooth! Get an ah-so if you’re new to this — a two pronged grip that grabs the sides of the cork, rather than penetrate it.  Corks of any age have qualities that may cause it to crumble and so we can further prevent a mess with a tool called a Durand.  You are not defeated the cork fails you! Keep going…

Decanting wine is a process we practice, mostly to filter out sediment. In a situation where the cork breaks or crumbles, filtering vintage wine is highly recommended. There are both conventional ways and unconventional hacks to achieve filtration -- we are happy to explore those options with you!

Click here for a Storage & Decanting tips!


We trust our customers trust us.

With Make An Offer, you let us pick the bottle for you. And here is how we do it:

  1. Cork firmness takes precedent. 
  2. Fill and label will vary.
  3. Customers who pay full price, have authority over which bottle they want.


We set ourselves apart by taking pictures of everything.

"Image of the wine online is different from the bottle you texted me"

  1. We set ourselves apart by being transparent. 
  2. We set ourselves apart by photographing every bottle we check-in to the library. With wines of larger quantities, there will be inherent bottle variation. 
  3. Which is why we always text or email images prior to every shipment.
  4. We never ship your wine without your consent. And we will follow-up until confirmation.
  5. If there isn’t an image, you can bet it’s a new item and images will be posted soon!

Items are sold individually and are not sold as lots. Unless we have specified otherwise, the price listed is per bottle.

Payments that don’t go through will eventually fall off -- check with your bank. If you did not receive an email with your confirmation number, please check your spam folder. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation with an Order number, your order was not received.

Sorry, we will not drop off your bottle at a UPS. Since UPS is a franchise, we do not have the flexibility of knowing which locations do or do not accept alcoholic shipments.


We do not source bottles for individual customers but we will keep you in mind as our collection expands. Keep your eyes on our New Arrivals collection or follow us on Instagram for updates in real time @daughterofthevines


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