Are there a couple droplets in the bag?  Don’t be alarmed! Seepage is natural — while the bag creates a layer of protection as it travels, it also helps us catch and measure the amount of seepage, if any. The wine is alive and traveling stressed it out!  Let the wine rest in a cool, dark place.  Keep it upright as it acclimates and if you plan to store it, also keep it upright for a little while before laying it down.  We do not consider seepage a problem and consider seepage a symptom of the bottle expressing itself.  If the cork feels firm, what drops are released are not an indication of what's inside, rather the bottle confessing it's desire to get drunk sooner than later (even it smells good)!
Call us with any questions: 323-588-2437
  • Most common causes of seepage are overfill (doesn’t affect quality), extreme heat (we will never ship if it’s too hot) or a loose cork.
  • We stick to provenance, our storage and our experience. We worry about these things so that you don’t have to.


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