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Policies, Terms & Shipping

Shipping & delivery charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer. 

Daily shipments deadline via FedEx only: 2:00pm (PST).

In the case of a pricing misprint on the site, we will cancel your order and contact you immediately with the correct & prevailing price. This happens sometimes as every wine entry is placed manually. We ask for your patience and understanding as we tirelessly work to keep these human errors obsolete. 

No on-site wine pick-ups available.
We are sometimes asked by buyers in the Los Angeles area to pickup at our warehouse.  We regret we cannot.  We have an off-site license which does not allow pickup of merchandise like a retail wine shop open to the public.  The licensing is different and we cannot jeopardize our legal status.  Thank you for understanding.

Refund Policy
We have a no refund policy. Your satisfaction is incredibly important to us so please call or e-mail us so that we may convey to you the condition of the bottle(s) that interest you and we will send you some photos.

Weather Waiver
Please refer to our policy when weather conditions are unsafe for the shipment of wines:

If you wish your wines to ship regardless of weather, we will make every attempt to arrange safe transport. However, in order to proceed, we do require your agreement to this waiver. Your wine will not ship today without your agreement to this waiver.

By agreeing to ship, you acknowledge our recommendation to not ship at this time, with the understanding that Wine Consigners, Inc. will not be held responsible for any damage suffered due to extreme cold or heat, or delays due to extreme weather conditions.

Styrofoam Packaging Reference Chart
(approximate charges apply barring any promotions we may have)

$6 per Styrofoam box of 1/750ml or 2/750ml. 

$9 per Styrofoam box of 3/750ml. 

$12 per Styrofoam box of 6/750ml. 

$18 per Styrofoam box of 12/750ml.

$10 per Styrofoam box of 1/1.5lt or 2/1.5lt.

$18 per Styrofoam box of 3/1.5lt.

$24 per Styrofoam box of 6/1.5lt.

$30 per Styrofoam box of 1/3lt & 1/6lt.