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About Us

We are an online wine retailer offering the industry’s “crème de la crème” at wholesale pricing!
Founded in Los Angeles by an importer and wholesaler with a 30-year proven record and an old school retail background, Wine Consigners, Inc. is poised to offer future classics and collectables under one roof at the most competitive wholesale prices to all qualified active wine buyers and budgets. In the past decades, due to the uncommon nature of our personal and professional commitments with our cherished global producers and suppliers, we have an incomparable inventory that is second to none!

Many years ago, we noticed a slow but steady market deprivation in the kind of fine wine that differentiated us from the average importer/wholesaler. In our heart of hearts we didn’t believe that the fine wine consumer was no longer looking for these proven treasures, but that the retailers simply found it easier to stock the flavor-and-score-of-the-week when it came to wine.  Our philosophy and vitality were under siege.  Based on this final admission, we have opted to license you to judge our selection, service and value system. Contrary to common claims, our inventory is truly “in stock” and not just a figment of imagination or a compilation of other suppliers stock.

Given the opportunity, we trust that our old souls and old school principles will redefine online wine retailing with wholesale perks and insider selection at its best.

We promise your patronage will not be taken for granted and will be worn as our badge of honor with pride.

Cheers with thanks and gratitude,
The Wine Consigners Family