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Our collection was founded in Los Angeles by a wholesale French wine importer (and legend!) Mozy Tehrani. He and his wife, Stephanie, built their parent company Exclusive Imports Inc in 1984 and set the tone for a family legacy beyond their wildest dreams. Some members of our staff have been on our team since 1995, and in turn have become chosen family. 


After September 11, 2001, our vitality as a wholesale business was under siege and we sought to acquire our online retail license. We were noticing a slow but steady market deprivation in the emphasis of fine wine that differentiated us from the average importer -- it felt natural to showcase the unique wines we were privately cellaring. At the time we were uncertain if the everyday wine consumer was ready to be presented with options as precious as we deem each of our treasures. Since then, the intrigue and curiosity for the finest vintages of the 20th century have come to the surface and we are so pleased with the community we have created.


In 2008, Exclusive Imports established its global Fine and Rare presence on the Internet. After the loss of their beloved matriarch in 2012, their eldest daughter Hannah graduated with her BFA and moved back home to Los Angeles.  Soon enough, she brought her father's collection to the e-commerce level and today they work side-by-side to “bridge the past to the future.”


Mozy's philosophy has always been, "you don't ask, you don't get." As the market narrows in and rare wines become rarer, he often remembers selling some of the same wines in the late '70s on Sunset Boulevard at Greenblatt's Deli for under $10.  This is why we host our Make An Offer program, and this is why we are so proud to sell our wines at the most fair prices we can afford.  We'll never get to drinking it all, thus: If you want it, we want you to enjoy it!


Our entire inventory is proudly imported by us or has been authenticated & verified via auction acquisitions that are fortified by our strong relationships with each of those houses. A small percentage of our collection is sourced from collector friends from yesteryear, who due to unforeseen circumstances, had to leave their collectibles behind. All of the bottles depicted are physically in stock and we strive to keep our images as up to date as possible.  Our collection is cellared in our temperature controlled wine warehouse at all times. 


Our business model has an old soul. We are devoted to taking care of the finest wines in the world and bringing you that personal touch. We enjoy our wines and extend the spirit of togetherness to you!


Mozy Tehrani


Chief Tasting Officer


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